We are developing a innovative 360 approach to the gambling sector, providing industry specific solutions for both operators and consumers.

First and foremost we are a provider of software solutions to the betting and gaming sector, our focus is on solving the industry’s trust challenges using Artificial intelligence and blockchain with a proof of authority transaction validation, while ensuring regulatory standards are met for Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering. Our software will help spot vulnerable customers and problem gamblers and our data analytics solutions will help increase customer retention for the Operators.

Varius World Tech consists of a team, which is experienced in the Gambling sector, Fintech, Law, Blockchain technology, Data Science and Artificial intelligence. This enables us to embark on our mission to provide a once stop shop for the sportsbook and casino industry, providing best practice services for clients whilst accelerating trust and integrity for the end users in one unique platform


Many operators are starting to identify that trust is having a major impact on their business. Key performance indicators suggest that a consumer only stays active with any particular site for a period of under 25 days before never returning.

It is our mission to bring benefits to an industry which is already worth in excess of $50 Billion. We aim to do this by installing trust, transparency and bringing products to life which can have an impact on Compliance and Player retention.

With the use of Blockchain technology, Artificial intelligence and Data science, Varius World Tech will help will bring a transition of understanding and loyalty into the industry and bring a sense of excitement for consumers who can be safe in the knowledge that they are participating in a trusted, secure environment.


The gambling industry has been around for decades with the first known casino, the Ridotto established in 1638 in Venice, Italy. Over time, the industry has grown substantially, this has been helped even further by the the internet. In 1996 there were 15 internet gambling websites compared to 1997 when there was 200 and its scaled ever since.

However, despite the constant industry growth there has been more and more concerns growing over the past decade which point towards social responsibilities in terms of Money Laundering and KYC concerns. These issues have brought many operators huge fines as regulators start to tighten there grip towards these activities.

Our Values are based upon educating consumers in the industry. This well help them understand not only their patterns and habits but also the risks they face. If we can bring a level of social responsibility to the gambling industry and share certain messages with the operators it should help identify problem gamblers before they become a problem.


The VWT Team combines a passion for betting, casino, technology & a proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.


Karim Peer

Karim has over 20 years experience in developing and building software and technology businesses. Karim has oprated as CEO or Managing Director of a number of business and has led them to successful exits.

John Barker

John Barker is a serial entrepreneur having been involved in many start up financial and technology businesses that have gone on to deliver huge success.John has been involved with many FinTech start ups since 2012 being a director of Linear in 2013, executive Chairman of BCS Prime for two and a half years from 2013.

Gavin Berry
Founder & CVO

Gavin is the visionary behind VWT. As CVO, his responsibilities include defining the company’s long-term business strategy, refining its core proposition, and meeting with investors and potential partners to outline the scale of opportunity.

Danny Cammiss
Investor Relations

Danny has over 20. years’ experience in the financial and commodity trading markets. He has worked trading on Liffe, the international petroleum exchange (IPE) and has also run his own futures trading business.

Simon Davenport QC
Head of Legal

Simon provides legal counsel to the senior executive team. His extensive work in field of commercial law, plus his knowledge of the law relating to Blockchain, makes him an essential contributor.

Andrew Davis
VP of Engineering

Andrew is a software engineer with over 15 years experience across a wide variety of industries. Great knowledge in Blockchain, most recent position was a part of the core dev team at Stratis, one of the major cryptocurrencies in London. He is passionate about agile software delivery, maintainable clean code and software best practices.

James Kelly
Creative Director

James has an extensive range of experience across many disciplines, he has helped us strengthen our brand and company identity.
He manages all aspects of marketing and design from branding through to print and digital product design.

Shirline Serrao
Blockchain Developer

Shirline is a technology enthusiast & part of VWT’s core development team. She has diverse experience in Application Development and support. Worked for MNC’s like Cognizant & Juniper Networks catering to Banking, Insurance, Energy & Retail segments.

Shane Benjamin
Blockchain Developer

Shane is an experienced blockchain developer with a passion for the space. Prior to joining the VWT core development team, he was a Decentralised application developer for a Swiss Blockchain company.

Jenny Li
Marketing Coordinator

With an international background and a masters degree in Marketing, Jenny is experienced in strategic marketing planning and campaign management. She is responsible for implementing our marketing strategy.


Mark Kirby

Mark has been working alongside Institutions, Venture Capitalists, HNW and UNHW clients for over 3 years, providing an edge to their current investment strategy by introducing Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to their portfolio.

Pavlos Polianidis

Pavlos is a technology lead and a blockchain enthusiast who has worked across several industries. His main focus and interest are around the blockchain technology varying from low-level cryptographic structures, chain implementation detail, and the authoring of smart contracts across various platforms.

Valerio Leo

Valerio likes to be the link between technology and usability. With a background in Javascript systems design, he moved to full-crypto hands on in the last two years to craft blockchain architectures and smart contracts.

Chris Gale

Chris Gale is a Founder of Verasity, closing its $25m ICO. Previously Founder and CEO of Ad Tech Company, and Odyssey Mobile which successfully sold to Phunware in 2014 who later listed on the Nasdaq in 2018. Crypto Investor and Blockchain Advisor. 15 Years of digital media and technology.