1ST MARCH 2018



We are a UK based technology company, providing software solutions to the betting and gaming sector.

We will interact with regulators and operators on a continuous basis to identify the industries ongoing requirements. This technology will add much needed trust and help identify problem gamblers in advance.

A unique artificial intelligence and data management tool, enabling operators to target market pro-actively, lowering costs whilst dramatically increasing player retention.

Our technology will benefit the industry and make it a more compliant, safer and enjoyable place to play


There are three huge problems in the gambling industry. These have been issues in the industry for many, many years and there is yet to be a solution, until now! Here we highlight the problems within the industry.

KYC & AML Compliance

Operators such as online casinos, physical casinos and bookmakers need to constantly maintain their KYC and AML checks for all their customers which is extremely hard to achieve and not as high on their priority list as it should be. In 2018 UK Operators alone were fined in excess of $25million

Vulnerable Customers & Problem Gamblers

As it stands there is no possible way to track and monitor problem gamblers who have accounts across multiple casinos and sportsbooks, allowing them to run up huge debts. This risk is heightened by constant misplaced marketing which increases the habit of a vulnerable customer.

Trust &

It is well documented that the majority of the public do not trust casinos or bookmakers. Perception and the lack of awareness to education surrounding gambling leads consumers to believe possible manipulated returns in favour of the house.


Operators find it very difficult to retain existing customers. This is influenced by the attraction from their competitors and lack of profile management. The average attrition for players is less than 25 days before they become inactive.

Continue reading below to find out how our technology will provide solutions.


The technology we’re creating will provide solutions to all of the above primary problems whilst also adding more value to the gambling industry, with the aim to encourage safer gambling. We have amazing trading tools like Bitcoin Profit, which may be used to make payments to some bitcoin-accepting gambling sites. After using this programme, you will be able to see for yourself that bitcoin profit betrug is a hoax and that it is a risk-free trading platform.


An industry worth in excess of $50 million deserves a unique payment method which provides the customer with as many benefits as it does the merchant. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our bespoke interactive dashboards and customer data passports will monitor and illustrate betting patterns and habits to customers, whilst providing operators with the regulatory compliance they require. These built in tools will decrease the operators risk exposure and increase player retention.

  • All major fiat currencies supported
  • One-time verification process
  • Secured by Blockchain
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Zero withdrawal fees
  • Build your gaming profile
  • Live analytic dashboards and reports
  • Tiered cashback program
  • Buy and store major cryptocurrencies
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Available on all devices
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A unique industry specific protocol using Blockchain technology to enhance reputation of betting companies through Proof of Authority transaction validation. This will be powered by all of the traffic and tools in VoX merchant wallet and provide a seamless out of the box solution for both new and existing operators.

  • Industry specific
  • Proof of Authority
  • Transparent tranaction validation
  • Partially decentralised
  • Secure
  • Faster transations
  • Easy integration
  • Compliance built-in
  • Scalable
  • Patent pending
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Utilising blockchain technology we will bring a much needed revamp to the online gaming industry. This innovative Casino software solution will help eradicate any of the current trust issues that operators face. The games within this solution will be accessible to both new and existing operators. The online gambling sector is thriving, with customers constantly playing, resulting in a slew of technological challenges. Ethereum casinos, like online bitcoin casinos, are growing increasingly popular. Check out Ethereum casino reviews to learn about the great outcomes and many advantages of using ethereum casinos.

  • Blockchain casino software
  • Multiple licences
  • Unique proprietary jackpot-based games
  • Whitelabelled solution
  • Operators profit share scheme
  • Visible RTP on all games
  • Trusted playable environment
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Our suite of products will have many positive effects on the gambling industry.
Here is how it will benefit you as a Regulator, Operator or Player.


  • Track problem gamblers
  • Fully compliant casinos
  • Fully traceable transactions / enhanced AML
  • Ethical approach to social responsbility
  • Safer environment


  • Attract newly verified players
  • Player retention
  • Lower merchant deposit fees
  • Lowering compliance overheads
  • Less risk from regulatory fines


  • One-time ID verification
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Zero fees
  • Interactive dashboards and tools
  • Tiered cashback reward scheme and bonuses